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Professional Headshots & Executive Portraits

Professional Headshots & Executive Portraits

Professional Headshots & Executive PortraitsProfessional Headshots & Executive PortraitsProfessional Headshots & Executive Portraits

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Is your headshot as professional as you are?  

   Unfortunately, if itβ€˜s like many headshots it is misrepresenting you and your level of professionalism. Does it give the perception that you should be taken seriously? Whenever someone clicks on your website or social media profile, your headshot should appear, looking professional, genuine, modern, bright and inviting.  Representing you as a trustworthy,  confident, indispensable asset to any team, potential  client, or workforce.  Be  certain that People are looking you up prior to ever meeting you in person. Making decisions about you before you have a chance to make a great impression. Put your new professional headshots from VIP Headshot to work for you 24 hours a day!  

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Make the BEST possible first impression

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Control the perception

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Be memorable

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You only get one chance to make the first impression

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A selfie is NOT a professional headshot

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